All services I offer are delivered with the true intent of healing, self discovery and remembrance, and come straight from my heart. I believe that true healing comes from within, and in essence it is remembering who we really are by removing the illusion of the perceptions we have either created for ourselves, or which we buy into.

I work with you to find a safe space where healing can begin and ultimately you are responsible for your own healing. My role is to support and guide you using the skills and techniques I have learnt & acquired over time.


I currently offer Reiki, Soul Regression Therapy (Past Life and Afterlife Regression), Intuitive Healing, facilitate meditation groups, Reiki training and self development workshops. Please check out the individual pages for more information and upcoming dates.

Getting the most out of your session

Each person’s experience is unique and the goals for the sessions are different for everyone. Your experience can be enhanced further if you arrive with no expectations about what you will feel at the end of your session. Energy work can be very subtle with significant changes occurring over a period of time that you may not even realize are happening, or it may be instantaneous, quite intense and may even feel dramatic. This is all perfect divine healing.

You may only require one session to meet the intention you set for a session, or the session may uncover other layers that you would like us to further explore and work on together. Some clients I work with on a weekly basis, some monthly and others when they are guided – there is no set recommendation for frequency.

Please ensure you arrive for your session on time. If you arrive late your session will run for the remainder of your allotted scheduled time and you will be charged the full amount for the session. This is out of respect for other clients who have scheduled sessions on the same day.

For all sessions it is important to wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing to avoid any discomfort during your session. For all Soul Regression Therapy sessions please avoid wearing strong fragrances such as perfume/aftershave or fragrant body oils or lotions.

To enquire about any services please feel free to contact me via the ‘Say Hello…’ page.