Reiki Courses

Reiki 1, 2, 3A & Mastership

Mikao Usui Reiki Founder

Mikao Usui Reiki Founder

We are living in a time of great change and evolving to new levels of consciousness that are being either birthed, reawakened or transforming. I would love to support you on your personal transformation and offer training and workshops which may help you to realise and LIVE your life as your soul intended. Learning is about an exchange which I would love to share with you.


When you make the decision to learn Reiki with me you are making a commitment to your own spiritual development. Reiki is more than a healing modality – it is a personal journey of deep transformation where you are gifting yourself the greatest treasure available to humanity – the gift of self love. I would be deeply honoured to witness & support this part of your journey by your side.


All courses have been created with love and intended to be light hearted and fun; interactive, experiential and focus on self development. The venue for the courses is prepared to to ensure a safe, nurturing and supportive learning environment.


Reiki 1,2, 3A and Mastership levels adhere to the traditional Usui method of Reiki. These courses are scheduled throughout the year and dates are available on the individual pages (Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki 3A). Students receive attunements at each level and ongoing support is available.

Reiki Course Dates 2017

Reiki Level 1 – Self Healing 
TBA Reiki 1

Reiki Level 2 – Practitioner Level TBA Reiki 2

Reiki Level 3A – Mastership Prerequisite
 TBA (Investment will be deducted from Mastership fee if you choose to proceed to this level.) Reiki 3A & Mastership


Please contact Danielle to discuss Reiki Mastership level.