Meet Danielle

From an early age Danielle had a fascination with astrology and the metaphysical sciences, inherently knowing there was something greater than all that embodied humanity on our beautiful planet Earth.

A calling to provide care for others, Danielle pursued a career as a Registered Nurse and Midwife and even though she enjoyed the relationships she developed, she struggled with the regulations, restrictions and lack of choice the health care sector offered to people when they were at their most vulnerable. Not one afraid to use her voice, she advocated strongly for change and openly challenged outdated healthcare systems and practices. She made the decision to move away from healthcare and studied her other passion, photography, for 5 years intending to transition into a different career. Despite her intent, caring for others kept calling her back and time and time again she was exposed to circumstances that evoked in her a deep desire to change the way society perceived healing and to offer an alternative. From a deep space of knowing she instinctively & deeply felt the key to true healing was through the mind, body and spirit and not to just treat the symptoms.

Through a series of remarkable events Danielle acknowledged the deep yearning residing within her and surrendered to her purpose, acknowledging and accepting her natural intuitive abilities for the divine gifts they are. In doing so she has dedicated her life to assisting each person who crosses her path to remember their true authentic spirit, empowering all to pursue and achieve their dreams whilst supporting and nurturing them in a space of love.

Danielle is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Soul Regression Therapist (Past Life & Afterlife Regression), Intuitive Healer, and Meditation Facilitator and holds an array of other healing and teaching certifications. As a spiritual mentor, Danielle’s role is to support others in their own self-healing journey and subsequent life changing transformations.


Personal Note:

Welcome my friend! 

I am so excited to welcome you to my site and even more excited that you have taken the time to connect with me.

My purpose is simple: to assist people to be the best they can be by helping them remember who they truly are and that at the core we are all LOVE. That’s it – simple! The best perk is that in doing this together we create awareness and shift the consciousness of the planet at a time in our history which is in a phenomenal period of change. I am so blessed.

It is such a joy for me to work with others and share those amazing moments when they grow into the best version of themselves and realize their true essence, purpose & potential.

I would love to connect with you on a personal level and look forward to shifting and changing the world with you.