This is the email that jumped out at me when I opened my Inbox. Immediately I felt repelled by the energy I was feeling from this message, which was forwarded to me from a reputable site, and wanted to delete it straight away without opening it. Curiosity got the better of me and I opened it and then understood why I reacted the way I had. I pressed ‘play’ on the video attachment and was met with a very assertive young man telling me I must sit this way, I must hold my hands in this position, I must breathe in a certain way and he then informed me that he did not want to go on and on about it! Thank you for your effort but delete, delete, delete.

I had a similar experience regarding the ‘rules’ of meditation. I was told that I was not meditating correctly when I explained what I experienced when I practiced meditation. My explanation was met with fear, almost as if I was doing myself a grand disservice because my ‘technique’ was different to that of the person I was conversing with. Funnily enough my ‘spiritual’ friend had lowered her voice, speaking to me almost in a whisper, almost afraid that our conversation would be overheard and she would be found guilty by association. There was urgency in her voice, a silent plea for me to repent and conform; I was breaking all the rules.

I find this all quite extraordinary and also quite amusing. My definition of meditation is a space of thoughtless awareness that brings peace, clarity and bliss, where I can rest and bring my essence forward. It is a space where I can connect with my true self without the interference from outside influences. It is a time where I honour myself by allowing myself to be free and my soul to soar. It is loving and nurturing, totally healing and honestly quite amazing. If meditation is all these wonderful things to me how can I be doing it wrong?


I studied photography for 5 years and created a series called ‘Blue’. I would get up at 4 in the morning and race towards the sea to make pictures before the sun rose to welcome a new day. I am not an early riser and struggled to get out of bed, all the more because I never knew if I would make it to my destination in time and what the conditions would be like – it may all be for nothing. I would arrive at the beach wrapped up like a Michelin man because it was always freezing, cameras and tripod in tow and snap away hoping for the best. My fingers would be numb from the cold and I would struggle to press the shutter. I never saw a single person; I was alone experiencing nothing but breathtaking beauty and silence.

Once the race to get there was over I could just breathe and be. My heart would sing at this most precious time of the day and I would feel honoured and grateful for the experience. I stopped making pictures the moment I saw the golden orb of the sun peak above the horizon. I would walk away and feel an amazing sense of peace and clarity and ready to face the challenges of my day. Without even realising it I was meditating!!!


So am I MEDITATING CORRECTLY? – I believe so. I found my own way just as you must find yours. Don’t ever think you are meditating wrongly – just find & feel the type of meditation that resonates with you and allow it to take you where you need to go.

If you are new to the practice of meditation here is a short list of the most common benefits:

  • improved focus
decreases blood pressure
  • relaxation & mental calmness
stress reduction
  • enhances creativity
  • pain relief
  • decreased anxiety
improves rapid memory recall
  • enhances the immune system
emotional balance
  • improves fertility

Take a moment each week to detach yourself from the pressures of everyday life and return to your true sense of being by joining Danielle in a weekly guided meditation experience. All meditations are personally composed by Danielle to bring a sense of relaxation, purpose, clarity, inner peace, personal & spiritual insights. Suitable for all levels.

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